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“Why A DNA Test Must Be Conducted” — Mohbad’s Father Reveals (VIDEO)



Joseph Aloba, the father of the Late Nigerian singer, Mohbad has revealed why a DNA test must be conducted to confirm the paternity of his grandson.

Mohbad's Dad on DNA test

This is coming days after Skitmaker, OGB Recent, revealed that a DNA has been conducted and it confirmed that Mohbad is the biological father of his son, Liam.



Following the revelation by OGB, Mohbad’s Dad said in a recent interview that the news of his Grandson’s DNA test is still a rumour to him.




According to Joseph Aloba, as the father of the deceased, he needs to give consent for a DNA test to be conducted on the deceased son or send anyone to present him when they do it.




He further said that where he is from in Ikere Ekiti, they don’t accept bastards but he would be happy if the kid is Mohbad’s son because he is the only child the singer had left for him and he loves him so much.



He also spoke about speaking to the police after the interview for Mohbad’s corps to be burial so that he would find peace and stop appearing to people as they allege.




Watch the video below:



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