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“My prayer is that God will bless the people supporting you with a Do2dtun in their life” – Do2dtun’s Ex-Wife Taiwo Says, Reveals The Issue That Led Them To This Point (DETAIL)



Taiwo Oyebanjo, the estranged wife of popular media personality, Dotun Kayode better known as Do2dtun has reacted after he called her a liar while disputing her claims about their child custody issues

Do2dtun wife Taiwo

According to Taiwo, she only spoke out on social media because confronting a bully head-on is the only way to deal with them.


She went on to say that their sole disagreement ever emerged from the time she asked him to stop posting pictures of their children on social media after he had taken them out for the July-August holiday in 2022, but he refused since he hates being corrected.


She also said that she asked that they have divided custody of their kids during holidays, rather than him having them all holidays.

In a screenshot of a chat she shared, Taiwo is seen telling Dotun that she can’t keep taking care of the kids alone during busy work days and be denied time with them during the holidays when everyone is free.


She claimed that Dotun blocked her everywhere after they had the above conversation.


“How do I communicate with you on the children when you blocked me everywhere?” she wrote.


As for Dotun’s claim that she moved with their kids, Taiwo said, “You want me to stay in the address you posted on social media or be available for the mob you have mobilized on social media sending death threats to me to attack me. You are a joker.”


Taiwo proceeded to call Dotun a bully and said she was done exchanging words with him on social media. She urged him to meet her in court so they could follow due process.

Do2dtun wife Taiwo

Do2dtun wife Taiwo

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