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“Many Social Media Comedians Can’t Tell Jokes At Shows” — Comedian Forever Reveals



Nigerian stand-up comedian, Akuidolo Orevaoghene better known as Forever, has said that social media comedians are not more relevant than their stand-up counterparts.

Comedian Forever
He declared in an interview with Sunday Scoop that many social media comedians crake jokes at shows or host events.



He said, “I honestly don’t think social media comedians are more relevant than stand-up comedians. It is just that we are in a digital age, so automatically, the people who use this ‘new’ media more tend to be more famous. They serve their purpose, and they are more like actors. We have always had comedians as actors. People like Nkem Owoh, Mr Ibu, Charles Inojie, and the late Sam Loco-Efe. But, these comedians no longer wait for movies; instead, they record short skits to promote themselves daily. In the real sense of things, they are actors. We are not in a competition.


“Besides, many of them cannot tell jokes at live shows, or host events. We clearly have different roles.

“Finally, every comedian should be able to use different media to promote themselves.”

Asked how marriage has changed him, Forever said, “It has changed me completely. I have always been a people’s person, but marriage and having children has made me more conscious of it; knowing that who I am, what I do and what I have is not for me alone. I have to consider that there are people who would suffer for my mistakes and enjoy my wins.”

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