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“Shippers In The PotoPoto”- Netizens React As Adekunle Gives Reasons Why Fans & Shippers Shoudn’t Send Gifts (VIDEOS)



"Shippers In The PotoPoto"- Netizens React As Adekunle Gives Reasons Why Fans & Shippers Shoudn't Send Gifts (VIDEOS)

Big brother naija all stars housemate, Adekunle, in a recent radio interview, gave reasons why he doesn’t want any shipper or fan to send gifts to him.

Adekunle stated that he doesn’t want to collect gifts for a relationship with Venita that is not certain outside the show, also the age difference between them is a big factor that they will need to discuss about.

He also said he doesnt want a situation where fans will want to control him just because they gave him gifts.

Some comments online:


Men will leave you in the desert without water 😢 Ade, why you do venita like this nau 😩


Shippers association of Nigeria in the portoporto 😂😂😂😂


Baba no want make fans forcefully ship am with Venita 😂



Bad boy deks you sure say you no want iphone 15 😂😂😂


Thus guy is very smart, he is already thinking 10 steps ahead and weighing the possible future. I understand his point 😂



Nigerians if Dey gift u say una be ship , den una come breakup ehhn dem go drag u to d after life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


See video below:


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