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“If You Were Destined To Win It, Nobody Can Take It From You” – Reactions As Cross & CeeC Quarrel Over Her Innoson Task Win (VIDEO)



BBNaija All Stars housemate, Cross Okonkwo haa accused his colleague, CeeC, of bullying him during the Innoson task on Friday and winning a car meant to be his. Some viewers of the show have criticised his reaction, saying he should have just ignored and it’s not a big deal.

Cross on Ceec task win
You may recall that yesterday, CeeC emerged as the winner of the Innoson task, earning her a brand new SUV, the Innoson Ikenga MVP.

Cross on Ceec task win

During a conversation with fellow housemates Mercy and Pere on Friday night, Cross alleged that CeeC “bullied” him by not vacating his designated position in the game, despite his divine instructions to be in the number two position.



Cross clarified that his grievance was not about the car prize but rather CeeC’s behaviour during the task. This was particularly surprising to him because they were close allies and best friends.



“I don’t like it when guys are being bullied. What is being a gentleman? Everybody has started going to their places [positions in the Innoson task], we’ve been at the same place.

“I knew that NO: 2 was the right place. God told me to go to NO: 2. I knew I wanted to be there. You can’t come and change something that I’ve already done. And me being a gentleman, I told you to go to your place and you said no, it’s a game.


“I knew it. My mind told me from the beginning. If you see from the beginning, I ran to NO: 2 [but CeeC bullied me and took my place].”
Mercy Eke chipped to state, “There is no need to cry over spilled milk.”

Cross continued, “Yeah, I know. But it’s a matter of how it eventually played out. I told CeeC this is where I am and she was like, ‘No, get out. It’s a game.’

“It’s not about the car, it’s about the character. It’s the act. We’ve been playing, we’ve been laughing. And all along you had a different mind. Man f**k this game.


Some comments online:



I love Cross oh but this one he’s over doing it. What is yours is yours regardless, no one can take it away. Celebrate people’s win, yours will come too and you’ll be celebrated. It’s even Pere that should be feeling this way cos he was at the final stage and close to winning..



B4 cross de feel like dis e get y, cross is loving, real, n not d first time happening to him like that, alot is going tru his mind, they know d energies, we are only watching, not really d car winning…. Much 💕 Cross take it easy…


Cry baby. Things happen exactly how they are supposed to happen. If it was his win, nothing and noone was gonna take it away from him. He should grown and learn






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