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“Play Me Baby, I’m Your Ball….We Are Keeping This Relationship As Long As We Can”- Soma Speaks On Relationship With Angel



Soma Apex & Angel Smith, the BBNaija lovebirds, in a recent interview, spoke about their relationships with their previous partners before the show and how they intend to stick together after the show.

Interviewer: What if Angel is using you to catch cruise?

Soma: I don’t think she’s playing me

Angel: How did you know?

Soma: Play me baby ,am your ball🏀 😃🥰


Soma and angel

Ebuka: Let’s go to Soma Dina, when did you notice him?

Angel: On the first day! I was like who is this fine, fresh boy?

Ebuka: Your spec!

Angel: My spec o..6″4, I think he’s 6″5 actually, dark..Ah ah…I was like “this is my target” 🥰

Fast forward

Angel >> I actually like Soma but it’s weird to say that I like Him more than my boyfriend

Have been with my boyfriend for 2yrs

Soma: I knew she[Angel] was special and I wanted her. No matter what, no matter how many issues we had, I know what I want, and I want I what I want, and I’m going to get what I want…

Ebuka: SomGel shippers, you are eating good.


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