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“How i knew she is my wife”- Bbn Omashola reveals how he met his soon to be wife, shares a beautiful love story (VIDEO)



Omashola wife

In a recent interview with Bella Naija, Big brother all stars guest, Omashola, revealed how he met his fiance & mother of his son.

Omashola said it got to a point in his life where he was tired of being with the wrong women, and then he prayed to God to send him his wife. Shortly after he said that prayer, he went to a bank and saw her standing outside the bank, their eyes locked, then he said to himself ” Omashola, remember when you said if you see your wife you will know her”. Then he prayed to God in his heart “if this woman is my wife, after i finish everything i came to do in the bank, let me come back to meet her here”.

According to him, after spending over thirty minutes inside the banking hall, he came out and met her on the same spot, he went straight to where she stood and they exchanged phone numbers, then he jokingly told her he will marry her and she will bear his child. Two months later she got pregnant. They have a son now and they will get married few months from now.

See video below:

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