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Graduate Who Prostrated To Thank His Motorcyclist Father For An Education Is K!lled Days Later (DETAIL)



A recent Kogi State University graduate is said to have passed only a few days after going viral for publicly praising his father.

Graduate who prostrated to father
Earlier this week, a man going by the name of Felix went to thank his father, an Okada rider, at a bike park by prostrating in thank you for educating him.



Sadly, Felix suffered an accident days later and has now passed on.

Graduate who prostrated to father
The X user who shared the report of him prostrating for his father returned today to announce his death.

Graduate who prostrated to father
Felix was reportedly on a bike with a friend when they were attacked by a cow and this resulted in a bike accident.



Felix, who was injured in the accident, sadly succumbed to his injuries.

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