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“I heard the names of housemates that will be evicted”- Venita cries, reveals to Angel Smith the names she heard (VIDEO)



Reality TV star, Venita has claimed she heard production through the walls mention her name and Soma as people leaving the show on Sunday.

See video below;



Last night in the Big brother naija all stars show, housemates, Adekunle and Venita had a dinner date which was organised by Big brother after Venita paid for it.

“Adekunle Said I Would Come To His Child’s Naming Ceremony” Venita Says As She T€arfully Explained How Her Dinner Date With Adekunle Went (VIDEO)

Most viewers of the show described the dinner as boring and very unromantic. Venita also left the dinner upset, in her words, she felt irritated and disappionted at Adekunle’s unromantic behaviour.

“Adekunle Said I Would Come To His Child’s Naming Ceremony” Venita Says As She T€arfully Explained How Her Dinner Date With Adekunle Went (VIDEO)

Getting inside the house, she told Angel Smith that Adekunle said she will come to his child’s naming ceremony.

Some comments on social media:


Watching this dinner date is affecting my mental health… So boring and traumatizing


Y’all should understand Adekunle’s feelings isn’t as invested in this relationship as Venita’s. Venita initiated this and she bought the “Dinner date for two” with her moniepoint coin so Adekunle didn’t.
Venita is 36 with two kids
Adekunle is 29, how do y’all expect that to work??
Adekunle was just going with the flow, guy felt they were just having fun. Y’all tagged it a serious relationship
The love isn’t mutual and it’s more on Venita’s end. Adekunle only likes her as a friend
Plus he said he didn’t want to talk about personal things with her here because of the environment before bloggers twist their words. So let him sit on the fence in peace till they get to talk things out outside. Adekunle might not be social cause he can’t dance and all buh he isn’t a boring guy trust me. He is a great conversationist buh Venits isn’t even helping matters. She concluded too fast. Saying to him that you’re irritated and disappointed by the way the dinner is going,  steady giving him what seems like break up lines. How do you want him to take all that in?? Shalom!!


So sorry to say but the man that will end up with venita will try oo 🤦🤦 Dinner date wey other people dey enjoy, dey love up and strengthen relationship, venita use am dey criticize her supposed man 😂😂

See video below:


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