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“Mohbad’s Mum Abandoned Him At A Tender Age Yet She’s Recieving All The Care Now While The World Is Against His Father Who Suffered For Him” – Man Says (VIDEO)



A Nigerian man weighed in on the situation of the late singer Mohbad’s family and how his father is been heavily insulted and accused.

Man on Mohbad's father
This comes after several allegations and accusations raised by some people that Mohbad’s father may have had a hand in the untimely demise of his son, hence the rush to bury him.



The man expressed he feels sorry for Mohbad’s father who suffered to raise the singer by himself after his mother left 14 years ago but the world now is against him.



He talked about Mohbad’s mother who left him at a very tender age and is now the one enjoying AC in the late singer’s home in Lekki and getting all the sympathy from Nigerians while the otherwise is happening to the father.



Watch the video below:



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