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“Everyone Is Playing A Game In That House, Not Only Baye, 120 Million Is At Stake So…….”- Omashola Reacts To Question About Ilebaye Playing A Pity Game (VIDEO)



Evicted Bbnaija all stars guest, Omashola, has shared his opinion about Ilebaye’s alleged Pity strategy to win the show. In a response to Christy O’s question, Omashola stated that 120 million is at stake and if a particular strategy is working for anyone, that person should keep doing it. He also added that every housemate is that house is acting, using Mercy Eke & Frodd as examples, Omashola said they are the kindest people anyone will ever meet, however, on television they might look the opposite because its a show and they need to portray a certain character to win it.



Some comments online;


Funny enough the girl might not even know she’s playing the game and if that’s her strategy then she’s the smartest of them all bcus me I will do anything to win that 120m.well said Sholzy🌶🌶



Baye might not even know what she people says she does is a strategy to her. She is only living beat of the day in that house as being baye.



Wellsaid @sholzy23 not even Baye fan even tho I started liking her recently but she’s the best game player that mostly carried this show from the beginning till the end and she deserves to win that’s why she will be receiving my vote on the finale😍


See video below:

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