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“Cant You Watch A Show Without T0xicity & Evil”- Netizens React As BBN Fan Allegedy Takes Venita & Kids Photos To A Shr!ne (DETAIL)



"Cant You Watch A Show Without T0xicity & Evil"- Netizens React As BBN Fan Allegedy Takes Venita & Kids Photos To A Shr!ne (DETAIL)

A fan of the Big brother naija all stars show has shared a photo of housemate Venita and her kids wrapped in feathers, after Venita’s fight with Ilebaye. The fan threatened to deal with Venita and her kids after she fought with fellow housemate Ilebaye.

See photo below:


Some comments online:


Omo! Where do y’all draw the line between Fandom and Pure Evil?
Can’t you just watch a show and enjoy it without the whole toxicity?😤😤😤




Why do people take BBN so seriously to the point where they do such evil things? Ahhh I cover Venita’s kids with the blood of Jesus!

Yoh I am so disappointed hey wow 🤦🏽‍♀️



Nigerians audience is not the right audience for big brothers. The government needs to stop this show 😢



People will do anything just to spoil or decamp anybody they hate.. God 🤦‍♀️ this person is not phyna fan neither is the person baye fan have check this account on twitter it’s new account the person just open that account to do this stuff just bcos of bbn na wa oh… make next week come fast



Nothing here.. the werey just plucked two chicken feather and poured red oil on the picture. The person even went as far as printing out the picture.. the madness some of you BBN fans exhibit just goes to show that human beings should be feared in real life. God forbid.
Anyway Ceec for the money


Even tho I don’t like venita ,this is totally wrong 😑 God punish who ever did this



This are not ilebaye fans ooo. The other fanbase are working overtime. God will see ilebaye through

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