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“If they sent you from your village to trouble me, HOLY GHOST FIRE”- Ilebaye Tells Venita As They F*ght (VIDEO)



Big brother naija all stars housemates Venita and Ilebaye fight over task. Venita accused Ilebaye of not contributing anything to the task. She rained insults on Ilebaye as she tried to prove a point, Baye on the other hand insisted that she needed to eat which was why she took a break from the task preparation.


Some comments online;


Venita said only wat baye knows how to do is follow boys in the house and I’m shocked cause she’s the one in a ship with a boy she’s way older than(screaming desperation) 🤭plus baye has won more task than her, the only thing she has won in that house is adekunle , jealousy wan kill Werey 😭😂


One thing about this show is that it has a way of revealing people’s true nature.
No matter how tight the mask is worn, it ends up slipping and showing your true face.
Venita has shown that she’s incapable of kindness.
Not that she didn’t show the same v*leness in her previous season, people needed this season to convince them beyond every reasonable doubt that Venita is irredeemable.
She just tore Baye’s self esteem into shreds without blinking an eye.
She kept goading Ceec to badmouth Alex a few days ago, but she was smart enough to dodge that conversation.
Venita has a problem with everyone who she perceives is kind and have positive aura.
Doyin, Alex, Prince and Baye should make certain to stay away from her after the show.
The h*tred she has for these people really runs deep and it’s scary.



Venbitter is a hidden low self esteem woman using hate and bullying to feast herself…Aunty hate to the extent she was fighting someone (the person no even send her papa)who took her as a friend out of jealousy and bitterness that she is richer than you outside that’s why when she feels she richer than you which is poor in heart she will like to bully u with names and expect u to lick the ground she walks on…Big clown 🤡
Because she apologized, make she no talk
Venita is a bitter woman and I pity her friends.

See video below:

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