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“Last Week You Were Celebrated As Best Schemer, This Week You Want Voluntary Exit, You Cant Take What You Dish” – Netizens T@ckle BBN Angel



Netizens have tackled BBN “All Stars” housemate, Angel JB Smith after she again said she wanted to take a voluntary exit.

Netizens on Angel

Angel reveals to Biggie during her diary session that she is tired, exhausted and unhappy with what’s happening in the house, hence why she wants a voluntary exit.



She said; “Tired, Exhausted, Unhappy and was just about to take a voluntary exit 😔😔 Our Angel doesn’t deserve to feel all of these🥹”.




Watch the video below:


Following this, viewers of the reality TV show tackled Angel for seeking a voluntary exit from the second season. Some think that she is acting in pity for votes.

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