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“If It Was Samwan Else, Would You Turn Off The Speaker” Watch The Moment Whitemoney & Ilebaye F0ught (VIDEO)



Earlier today in the big brother naija all stars show, Ilebaye was found crying and telling the housemates that white money turned off the speaker for their wager music practice and told her to go sleep. Only for white money to over hear this and confronted Baye.

White money:

Baye what are saying? I never off the speaker I only lowered it and left you with it. I told you I was going to bed. I’ve been practicing since
What’s going on why are you now crying????


Baye flared up ang¥ily sh0uting:

if it was samwan else would you do that? She got up crying trying to go phys!cal (f!ght) with white money but Alex came and held her back from f1ghting white money


See video below:

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