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“A Pastor Asked Me To K!ll A Ram….”- ChaCha Eke’s Husband Finally Opens Up On The Struggles Dealing With His Wife’s Mental Health (VIDEO)



Austin Faani, husband of nollywood star, Chacha Eke Faani, has opened up on the struggles he faced for years living with a mentally ill patient. Austin stated that due to his religious background, he was convinced initially that ChaCha had spiritual issues, they went to different churches for years, spending huge amounts of money on seeds and sacrifices for her healing, untill they met a doctor who counselled them prescribed thd fight medication for ChaCha.


Sharing the video on her instagram page, ChaCha wrote:

The universe knew I would need “saving” and so they sent “Austin Faani” my way. 🙏🏾

See video:


Some comments on social media:


This is what I call a SOULMATE bonded by the Heavens. One stands by you & with you through thick & thin ❤️🙏 God bless you @austinfaani


Thank you for sharing your story and constantly raising awareness on this topic. Many are undiagnosed unfortunately and can’t fathom why they behave the way they do……. Having a great support system around you makes the journey less lonely.

I don’t have much to say that to pray that God continues to bless @austinfaani for standing by you @chachaekefaani . He is not just your friend and husband, he is your soulmate and a true son of God who understands the authority of being the head of a home. Instead of giving up on you, he stood as the head of your home and exercise his God given authority and kicked the devil out. He keeps to the marriage commandment in Ephesians which says, “Husband’s love your wife as Christ loves the church”. Every husband should take to his example. May He shine above his peers and May everyday of his life be filled with multiple divine blessings that he will have no room to contain. Amen

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