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I p!ty the woman that married y0u , youre a disgr@ce…….netizens st0rm Seyi page after what they did to Ilebaye (Bbnaija All Stars)



Netizens tackle Seyi Awolowo for bullying Ilebaye in the Bbnaija All Stars Show.


So the BBNaija All Stars house got heated last night after housemates Pere, Ike, Kiddwaya and Seyi planned to frustrate Ilebaye so she could get another strike and be disqualified from the show. The grown men last night gathered in the room and while they were planning, Ike brought up the idea to throw her belongings in the toilet as well as the bathroom walkway.

Seyi on Ilebaye

Ike was captured on camera throwing her things with the hope that she would react and probably get violent and she would be evicted from the show.



Later that night, Angel drew Ilebaye’s attention to the fact that her clothes were littered on the floor. Ilebaye was so sad that all she did was to just walk to her bed and cry.


Some comments online:


It is because of fathers like you that children receive generational curses that they know nothing about


I just pity the woman that married you 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


Seyi ur wife should be ashamed of u and am very sure ur don will neva b proud of u as a father, I wonder which woman in her right senses get married so evil n senseless idiot, u are d worse mistake to happen to anyone and right now d whole of awolowos family are ashamed of u



Honestly, you can see from all indications Seyi wife is going through a lot at home, he is just lying and covering up by shouting my queen, my queen, the queen is obviously going through a lot



How do you even comfortably insult people’s parents and generations like that knowing you are training a child and some day someone somewhere will speak ill of her parents too… are you not ashamed??!!… at least have sense for the sake of your kids and their future



This guy is a complete idiot a disgrace for a husband and a father 🤮🤮🤮you insult peoples parents that they didn’t train their kids well is this your nonsense toxic character your own parents thought you abi law of karma is real whether it’s a game or not but intentionally joining Ike to provoke Ilebaye this night was the height of your stupidity how can you throw her stuff all over the floor and in the trash your wife should be ashamed of the man she calls her husband and father to her child nonsense 😏😏😏no wonder you’ve been the last since the season started idiot 😏😏😏your parents should retrain you again cos you’ve lost it foolish man”.

Netizens on Seyi and Ilebaye

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