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“Mercy Eke Is A Li@r. Her Behavior This Afternoon Surprised Me, And I’m Wondering If She Has Ment@l Pr0blems” — Doyin Explains (VIDEO)



BBNaija housemate, Doyinsola David better known as Doyin has explained her perspective of her colleague, Mercy Eke’s behaviour toward her.

Doyin on Mercy Eke

Doyin described Mercy as a liar and also said he was disappointed in her.



According to her, Mercy Eke did something that surprised me so much. Doyin narrates; “On Sat, she came to tell me that Soma was hitting on her. She told me that Soma said he could control me to do what he wants. Only for Soma to call me this afternoon that Mercy told him I like him, and that he should capitalize on it to get me to do things for him around the house.

“I called her to talk about it in front of Soma and after much hesitation to come and talk about it, she admitted to it while laughing ‘sheepishly’. I’m like WTH?! I didn’t even come to meet you, it was you that came to meet me. That’s some form of mental illness”.

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