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“Apart From Me, How Many Guys Do You Like” – BBNaija Soma Asks Doyin, She Replies (VIDEO)



BBNaija “All Stars” housemate, Soma has asked his colleague, Doyin, if she has any interest in any of their male colleagues apart from him.

Soma on Doyin

Read the conversation between Soma x Doyin.


Soma :- Apart from me how many guys do you like.


Doyin :- How do you know i like you.


Soma :- Attracted to me?


Doyin – You’re very attractive of course, the fact that there’s an attraction doesn’t mean you’re gonna pursue it.


Doyin :- why do guys go through the corners?


Soma :- i was tryna find out if you’re attracted to me, i dont have a problem telling you that I’m attracted to you


Doyin :- i dont bother saying my feelings if I’m not gonna pursue it, i might be attracted to someone but personality does it for me.

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