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BBNaija All stars: “Before The End of This Week, I will Make You Cry” – CeeC Tells Adekunle (VIDEO)



Reality TV star, Cynthia Nwadiora best known as CeeC has vowed to make her colleague, Adekunle cry.

Ceec on Adekunle
CeeC said this while she, Adekunle and Soma were having a conversation in the earlier hours of today.


Conversation between CeeC, Adekunle and Soma

Ceec – soma leave it, i can fight this battle, i can handle him


Adekunle – i told her she wunt make me cry, i asked her if she likes making men cry, she said no.
I told her if you dont like making men cry then i wunt cry


Ceec -i promise you before the end of this week you will cry adekunle


Soma – she wunt make you cry because she doesn’t want to


Adekunle – thats what I’m telling her, shes a nice person


Ceec – I’m not nice, don’t say i didn’t tell you oo



Watch the video below:

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