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“My Father Banned Us From Speaking English At Home” – Singer Naira Marley Says



Azeez Fashola, a popular Nigerian rapper and singer better known by his stage name Naira Marley, has revealed why he speaks Yoruba proficiently despite having grown up in London.

Naira Marley
The British-Nigerian musician said that his father forbade the use of English in their home and only permitted the use of Yoruba during an interview on Cool FM Lagos.



The music executive said that though he was in England, most of the things he did and liked were mostly traced to Nigeria.


He ate African food, listened to Fuji music, and they resided in Peckham, which Naira Marley described as an extension of Lagos.


Naira Marley said: “What made it easy for me [to blend with Nigerian street music] is that I grew up in South-East London, Peckham to be precise. That is like a small Lagos, you know what I me??.


“And all my life in England, my dad banned speaking English in the house. So, we had to speak Yoruba and althisse Yoruba stuff. I still listen to Fuji. We eat African foods. Even though I’m in England, it was like I’m still in Nigeria. Yeah, it was easy for me. When I came back [to Nigeria], people didn’y know I came from London.”

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