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“I Bought 1.2 Million Naira Fuel For My Car & It’s Still Half Tank”- Ashmusy Makes Sh0cking Statement, Netizens React



Nigerian content creator and social media influencer Amarachi Amusi, popularly known as Ashmusy has stirred up reactions online after revealing the huge amount of money she used in purchasing fuel for her car.


Ashmusy wrote:


I just bought fuel of 1.2 million for my car and it is still half tank….somebody save me, daddy please”




Ashmusy has revealed that she has never and will never have s£x with any man for money.

She made this statement in her recent interview, where she talked on how she started her journey to success, her family background, the jobs she has done before she became popular and how much she has struggled to get to where she is today.

"I Have Never & Will Never Sleep With Any Man For Money"- Ashmusy Says

Ashmusy noted that everything she had from beginning to the end, her houses and her car she bought them by herself and nobody gave her money to buy anything for her.

She said that people who attribute her success to men are people who didn’t watch her grow from scratch, they don’t know her story and are ignorant.

Furthermore, Ashmusy said that one thing she will never do is to s£ll her body for money. “I have never and will never have s£x with any man for money”.


She added that there’s no point doing such thing when she can easily make such money through her business in one day, she encouraged people who looked up to her and advised them not to give up.


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