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“My sister Hilda Baci has blown, even our Mother and my other sister have also blown too on social media, why am I the only one left out” – Hilda Baci’s Brother Cries Out (VIDEO)



Hilda Baci brother

Chef Hilda Baci’s brother, Gillian Baci, who is an upcoming singer, has cried out on social media for being the only one in his family, who is yet to “Blow” (become famous). The singer took to Instagram to lament.


Hilda Baci brother

In his words: “My elder sister Hilda has blown…she has million followers, even our mother has blown……my younger sister who just started food blogging too has blown, why am I the only one yet to Blow……”


Gillian Baci further pleaded with people to follow his page and support him so that he can blow too.

See video below:


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