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Cameroonian Lady Announces Intention To Embark On A 200 Hours $£X- Thon ( DETAIL)



In a recent Facebook post, Danny Zara, a Cameroonian born lady announced her intention to embark on a 200 hours sex – thon.

In her post, Danny made it known that her 200 hours sex- thon will commence on the 17th of July and end on the 25th of July.

She also appealed to the public for financial assistance as she is set to embark on a mission to break Guinness World Records of the longest sex marathon embarked by an individual.

In her words;

“Guys we need alot of finances to pull through with this project pls make sure to go through Danny’s Zara cake clinic page place an order on something so as to support this movement”.

“Cameroon lets bring this record home your to be record breaker @Danny Zara🤲🥺”. I’m

“Ladies and Gentlemen after due confirmation from the Guiness books of record i have decided to break a record🤲 of the Longest Sex Hour ( Sex_Thon)”.

“We have been dox great planification for a while now and today we decided to send out the official flyer, Planet Cameroon it is time for you to support your own so we can bring this book to our country make Nigeria no help us tearam😃”.

“Thanks to my defense team Bella Powers of Bella Powers Voice”.

“Al we need now are guys that will Volunteer theirselves for this project to be carried out
Your girl is Loyal🔥💃💃🙏”.

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