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“They Want To Pepper Khosi”- Fans React To Loved Up Videos Of Blue Aiva & Yemi Cregx (VIDEO)



Reality TV stars, Blue Aiva and Yemi Cregx were among the ex big brother stars who graced their colleague, Deji’s birthday party with their presence. Some clips of Blue Aiva and Yemi hugging each other at the party, and fans have a lot to say.

Blue Aiva and yemi
Recall that during the Big Brother Titans show, Yemi Cregx dated Khosi, while he had a huge crush on Blue Aiva, always kissing and flirting with her behind Khosi.

Some comments online reads:


Yemi just want to peppered someone he loved bedore. Khosi broke yemis heart. Blue is not Yemis choice. Its only vibes here


Blumi haters will not like this,but me I’m dancing since yesterday night with my blue hills



They re both comfortable with each other’s companion let them be !!!

Koshi ruins with the tears right now, another dragging begins

See video below:

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