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“Jenni O Is Just Loud In Expressing Herself, She’s Not A Bully”- Reactions As Jenni O & Miracle OP F!ght Over Kitchen Strategy (VIDEO)



Big Brother Titans housemate, Jenni O and Miracle OP fought some minutes ago in the house over the kitchen. Recall that Miracle made a decision some days back to be fully involved in kitchen affairs since he perceived to that Jenni O is using the kitchen as a strategy to stay longer in the house.


"Jenni O Is Just Loud In Expressing Herself, She's Not A Bully"- Reactions As Jenni O & Miracle OP F!ght Over Kitchen Strategy (VIDEO)


Few minutes ago, Jenni O confronted Miracle, telling him to shut the kitchen door to prevent flies from entering the sitting room, she also made a decision never to cook in the house again.


 According to Jenni O, (who was shouting), Miracle said:

Don’t worry about that. The new chefs know how to clean.


This was in response to her saying they should shut the door to prevent flies from coming. Jenni O found the statement insultive.


Jenni also complained  that Miracle said her cooking in the kitchen for them all is a strategy. She resolved to no longer be in the kitchen.



Some comments on social media:

why do u all come for Jenni O cus she’s expressive? She is just loud in expressing herself. Did you say she gossips too much? i will take all the guys out from this gossip group thing cuz all the ladies are always up in sm1’s business. they talk about each other most times. you online folks are the real bully. body shaming her and all the name tags. Miracle always saying her cooking is a strategy and always complains when cooking is nauseating. if for anything she loves cooking and has never made a complain about it. Whitemoney, phyna, Lucy all cooked but were nominated regardless.


Another comment reads;

Johnny bravo ma(Jennie o) big brother’s house is not ur fathers house where u think nobody can address u o and where u think u are the only one who is entitled to being in de kitchen . Dat kitchen is for everybody. Wen u enter dat house dem no tag am for ur forehead say de kitchen is meant for only u, as u Dey vex now say u no go enter kitchen. If u no go enter kitchen cook again Abeg rest. Nobody even likes u sef u carry harshness Dey dish food. Me I for don scatter dat kitchen me and u go kill ourself for biggie house rubbish. Yeye dey smell. She Dey find who go beg her to come cook . Na so!



See video below:



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