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“Her Era Has Passed, I’m Now In Charge”- Crossdresser, James Brown Reacts After Being Compared To His Colleague, Bobrisky



Popular Nigerian Cross Dresser, James Brown has reacted after being compared to his colleague, Bobrisky.


In his latest Instagram story , James Brown said he cannot compete with Bob risky stating that she was older than him, he is currently in charge, and her Era has passed


Stating another reason he cannot compete with Bobrisky, he said that Bobrisky is an old woman while he is still in his youthful age.

James wrote;

“I see people comparing me and her “.

” I cannot compete with someone older than me that represents the elder woman of the society”.

“Talking about gowns, covering your body like wearing a condom”.

“As a young and vibrant girl, I represent skin , beauty and body because i am a youth”.

“Why wearing too much of golds to prove a point while you can wear diamonds and silver like me”.

“Not thoes Golds that makes noise in the like Pam Pam Go lo in the video”.

“Class is maturity not a lot of noise”.

“A classy Person doesn’t shout in the public”.

“A classy person doesn’t come on social media to drag their friends that’s mushin girls”.

“A classy person keeps it calm and classy, they keep their mouth shut”.

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