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“Beauty Ru!ned Bryann’s Fanbase, She St0le His Fans and Turned Them To Her Defense Soldiers”- Netizen Writes……….



Fans of the Big Brother Naija reality show are currently worried about one of the former housemates, Bryann, who many feel is currently fading away. Some fans feel the reason for this is because Bryann’s fans are also Beauty Tukura Fans, and Beauty has been giving them more contents on social media. Others blamed Bryann for being too shy and reserved, and not effectively maximizing the use of social media for popularity.


A Netizen even blamed Bryann for not being able to see that Beauty Tukura stole his fans and turned them to her defense soldiers.

The social media user wrote:

Beauty ruined this guy fanbase….he talked of emotional intelligence but failed to see through beauty stealing his fanbase nd turning them to her defence soldiers….sad to watch 😢


"Beauty Ru!Ned Bryann's Fanbase, She St0le His Fans and Turned Them To Her Defense Soldiers"- Netizen Writes..........

Some other comments on social media reads:


His fans needs to first of all come back to the base and be for him alone. Secondly, be in peace with other fanbase and avoid drama that doesn’t concern them. thirdly, support this guy, Hype him and attend his shows.



Bryann sef needs to throw away shyness and relate more with people. Leave this nonsense privacy something. CP alone can’t help you.



This thing dey pain me cos he’s the only artist that came far in the game that can actually really sing.



All I have to say is that I’m happy he don’t win d show. He need to sit up abeg what’s all this



I swear, 90% of his fans are now beauty fans, the guy is so talented but his fans aren’t giving him enough support instead they’re fighting who no offend them because of by force sibling ship 😢



He has talent but needs to work on his attitude and emotional intelligence. The people he befriended from the show didn’t help matters.


His songs sound so pleasant. I just don’t know why this guy decided to shyaway from the public n promote himself well. Next season most of these fans attention will be on another talented hm



He should let his fans know where he will be performing so those that can, will show up. They are the ones to dance, sing along and hail him. I also feel he approached his post show with the fear of being seen as a BBN artiste, he should let go of that fear and do his thing



Oh Bryannn. I have even forgotten sef. Please let him engage his page more especially his IG stories. He needs to step up with his engagement if he wants to be in this music industry. Wish him all the best .




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