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“Any Woman Demanding For Financial Assistance Is Not A Good Woman” – Reno Omokri Says, Gives Reason



Popular human right activist, Reno Omokri is of the opinion that good women don’t demand for financial assistance.

In his latest tweet, he said that good women are very scare to see in the society.


In his tweet, he wrote;

“Dear men,

“Women are not scarce.

“What is scarce are good women and good women do not demand financial maintenance, except they are your wife, daughter, mother, or unmarried sister”.

” Any other woman demanding financial assistance from you cannot be a good woman”.


Reno Omokri’s tweet has triggered a lot of reactions on Twitter.

Some reactions seen were;

Chukamadu tweeted;

“Motivational speaker, you don finish Atiku campaign?”.

“Funny dude,abi you dey plan to port to Apc”.

“Peter is a solid rock not a table”.

Maryam omobolanle wrote;

“Duly noted , thank you “.

“Okay this means men asking women not their wife, mother or sister are not good men 💯”.

Moses tweeted;

“Nuisance” .

Udoka tweeted;

“You have all the wisdom yet you abandoned your wife and children”.

“Charity begins from Ethiopia”.

Chimaokoro tweeted;

“Reno is the most confused human being “.

“Reno no drop he com begin attack women wey no do am wrong”.

“It’s like he is tired of attacking Peter Obi”.

“Yeye man”.

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