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BBNaija Chomzy Replies Her Colleague, Bryann After He Said He Doesn’t Want To Be On Other’s Live Videos & Stories



Reality TV star, Chomzy has reacted to her colleague, Bryann following his post about being tagged camera shy.


Bryann’s tweets was triggered after his colleague, Eloswag said he was camera shy when he was live on Instagram during last night’s party at Cape Town, South Africa.


His tweets earlier read; “I usually don’t address anything here but i will speak on the just this once haha”.

“Let’s de@d this narrative that i am camera shy “.

“I literally lived in a house with cameras everywhere for 3 months”.

“Why everybody dey mescanfo too much”.

“Hyper visibility some times no dey jig”.

“Sometimes, I just want to eat and have a conversation with friends without worrying that there is camera on my face.., you get ?”..

“I just wish the people around me, not fans oh could do a general vibe check to see if people want to be on their live or story mann”.

“Do you dig?”.


Following his tweet earlier today, Chomzy took to Twitter to reply his last statement of the tweet, she wrote; “Telling them in person since they’re around u would be better than Tweeting it🤞”



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