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International President’s Scholarships at Yunnan University, China



Yunnan University is offering the President’s Scholarship to International Students who want to undergo a degree program at the Institution.

Why choose to study at Yunnan University? The Yunnan University offers a good academic atmosphere and a well-established ideological foundation in the humanities and social sciences, thanks to its close to century-long tradition and literary heritage. It seeks to become a regional first-class university among the best in China and famous worldwide.

Founded in December 1922, Yunnan University started to enroll in April 1923. It began as a privately run institution called the “University of the Eastern Land” and its name has changed six times since then. Currently, Yunnan University is one of the Double First Class Universities and former “Project 211” universities in China authorized by the central government to be specially developed. Yunnan University has also been included on the list of the key national universities for the “China Western Development” program.

YNU is gained a worldwide reputation through the discovery and research of the Maotianshan Shales (especially the Chengjiang biota) in early Cambrian leader by professor Hou Xianguang , who was rewarded the first class of State Natural Science Award in 2003. As of 2022, the Best Chinese Universities Ranking ranked Yunnan University the best in Yunnan Provence and among top 100th nationwide.

Eligibility criteria for International President’s Scholarships at Yunnan University;

  1. Applicants must comply with Chinese laws and the regulations of Yunnan University.
  2. Applicants must have excellent grades with their Chinese proficiency, meeting the basic requirements of their major.
  3. Applicants should actively participate in academic lectures, social events, and public welfare activities.
  4. Applicants must pay tuition and accommodation fees on time.

Eligible Countries: International

Type: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral

Value of Award: 4,000 Yuan

Number of Awards: 40

Method of Application:  Students must apply for admission via the university’s online application portal. All eligible students will be considered accordingly.

The students are required to present the following documents to the university:

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate or the equivalent, transcripts
  • Secondary high school diploma or the equivalent, transcripts
  • Master’s degree certificate or the equivalent, transcripts
  • Two Recommendation letters
  • Study or research plan
  • Bank remittance receipt for the registration fee

Application Deadline: Applications are being accepted. However, applicants are highly recommended to check and apply according to program-specific application deadlines, if any.

Apply now:-

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