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Singer Jessie J Slams Brit Awards For Not Inviting Her To The Ceremony For 10 Years



English R&B singer, Jessica Ellen Cornish aka Jessie J, has cried out to organizers of Brit Awards for not inviting her to the ceremony for 10 years now.

Jessie J who asked fans not to ‘make it any harder’ for her at a sold-out performance in London, also begged fans not to sing along to her songs after accusing her record label bosses of forcing her to lose her individuality.
Singer Jessie J Slams Brit Awards For Not Inviting Her To The Ceremony For 10 Years

She said;
If you know you can’t sing, no matter what you’ve been told at the family barbecue, keep it low.
“These iPhones are on another level now. It will pick your s***ty version of Flashlight and it will be your voice and my face.
“I don’t deserve it.”

The 34-year-old singer who has last won Brit Award in 2011, when she was given the Critics’ Choice award, added;
“I haven’t even been invited to the Brit Awards for ten years don’t make it any harder for me than it is.”

She also admitted to struggling with fame and said she had previously lost herself in Hollywood by trying to please others.
The singer said;
“I feel like people understand me more than they did ten years ago. It wasn’t easy to write songs about things like being in the club or boys. It isn’t who I am.

“Everybody wanted me to write those songs.

 “I was in LA by myself and I remember looking in the mirror and being obsessed with being perfect. I felt like I had to be who people wanted to be accepted.”

She said she wasn’t being herself when she “put on a bikini and dry humped a horse in Price Tag,” adding that it felt weird to do.
Jessie said; 

 “I just felt like I lost myself in Hollywood.

“I don’t get excited with people screaming my name, trying to get my attention. I don’t need it.

“It weirds me out when people scream at me. It actually makes me anxious. I’m not afraid to say it any more.”

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