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“There’s No Better Feeling Than Spending On People In Need” – 6ix9ine Pens Heartwarming Words Of Generosity As He Gives 40k Dollars To Random Families



American rapper, Daniel Hernandez, known by his stage name 6ix9ine, gave out a whopping sum of $40,000 to random families during his visit to ECUADOR, filmed the whole thing for his social media page and captioned it with heartwarming words of generosity.

In the video he posted on his Instagram account, the rapper is seen with his dude Steve Will as they both hold the money he will be donating.

Before giving out the money to the random families, the rapper says he intends to make the world a better place by blessing the lifes of the families with some cash out of the bountiful he possesses.

He posted the video on his Instagram with some write-up; “40,000 dollars to the people in ECUADOR
Everyday we buy 1,000 dollars shoe, 1,000 dollars in clubs. But there is no feeling in the world better than spending it on people who need it. This is what the world doesn’t show……. appreciate what you have in life because there’s people out there who wish they lived your life 💙💚💛❤🧡 @ SteveWillDoit I love you brother good to have you back.”

Hernandez is known for his generosity, ofcourse this is not the first time he’s blessing people life through kind and cash. Especially, if they appeared to be in need.

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