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Meet 32-year-old Kanika Tekriwal who Owns 10 private jets



Kanika Tekriwal is a 32-year-old woman from India, who is a high-flying entrepreneur behind JetSetGo, a private plane aggregator and booking platform. She also owns 10 private jets.

According to Nas Daily who interviewed her, her family and the community were against her dream of flying aeroplanes but the determined woman didn’t give up.

Instead, at the age of 22, Kanika Tekriwal set up her own aviation-based satrtup after defying cancer, parental opposition and casual sexism.

The entrepreneur revealed in an interview by Nas Daily that she was told to open a cupcake shop instead of pursuing her dream of flying planes as a pilot.

Nas Daily reports that Kanika had always wanted to be a pilot while growing up but faced discouragement from people around her.

Determined to achieve her dream, she started her own aviation-based startup at the age of 22. Now, 10 years later, she is known as the founder of JetSetGo, a plane aggregator startup that helps chartered planes and helicopters owners operate, fly and manage their aircraft, but it wasn’t all rosy and an owner of 10 private Jets.

In her own words:
“I had the idea brewing in my head for close to three years or so, but when I took out my sketch board and started working on it, I was diagnosed with cancer, which set me back by a year. Luckily for me, nobody else in the country had gotten around to doing something similar until I finished treatment or until now.

Speaking about the hurdles she faced, She said:
“We expected rich plane owners to list their planes and customers to book them from our platform, but our first flight never took off as the pilot didn’t show up.

“I realised that a booking platform solves only half the problems. Slowly, we became an aircraft management company and once our charter demand exceeded the supply available, we decided to buy our own airplanes and there was no looking back since,” she said.



Watch the video below:

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