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Nigerian Woman Welcomes Twins After Waiting For Eight Years (Photos)



A Nigerian woman identified as Patience Eweh, has welcomed her set of twin, a boy and a girl, after eight years of waiting in marriage.



Nigerian Woman Welcomes Twins After Waiting For Eight Years (Photos)


Her brother shared the good news on Instagram. He wrote:

“After ten years of waiting(marriage) God have finally done it double for my Big sister @patience.eweh12 with twin of both gender, male and female
Please join me by thanking God.
Jehovah is the greatest. This is a story everyone need to hear to believe that God truly exist”




Also, another Nigerian woman identified as Ruth Nnanwuno Nzejiofor and her husband has welcomed a set of triplets after 15 years of marriage.


A Family friend, Nnamdi Anene took to Facebook to share photos of the new mother and the triplets on Sunday, September 5 and wrote:


”We waited this long for God to do this. As a church, this was one of those kind of prayer points we all were waiting expectantly to see answered. and so, it was a burden for all of us. And when He eventually answered this prayer, He showed up in a grand style!

After 15 years of waiting on the Lord. 15 years of faith in Christ, Hope on His Word, Love for others, and of course the tears too. You see this couple? They have always been a model couple. Faithfully serving the Lord, regardless of any challenge.

Now, you know why everyone was genuinely concerned and bothered about this. And then…The Lord God thundered from Heaven! Now, see what God has done for this beautiful couple! He paid them back 3x.

And you know what, it has only begun! He does not only open doors, He breaks them down too! Behold the Nzejiofor Triplets! This is our testimony. This is why we are rejoicing! For every waiting couple, may you experience this same joy in Jesus Name. Amen.”

Congratulations to the couple.




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