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“I’m Sad & Scared Of My New Life”- Saskay Cries Out



Bbnaija star, Saskay, has cried out on social media on how frustrating her new famous life can be sometimes, however, some social media users are of the opinion that she might be subtly telling  her fans to send gifts to her.



"I'm Sad & Scared Of This New Life"- Saskay Cries Out


Saskay tweeted some hours ago:

“Earlier this evening, I tried to make an ig post and it wasn’t working the way I wanted it to. I got frustrated and broke down crying. That was when I realized how sad and scared of this new life I am.

Shoutout to everyone trying something new.
It’s okay to be sad, tired or…

…frustrated sometimes.
It’s okay to feel weak and fall
The most important thing is getting up and trying again.
‘Nothing great was ever done without much enduring’.”

Estoy aqui para ti, mi amor🏹🖤



"I'm Sad & Scared Of This New Life"- Saskay Cries Out

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