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#BBNaija: “I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and start looking for you in this house” – Liquorose tells Emmanuel (VIDEO)



Bbnaija Shine Ya Eye housemate Liquorose has warned her co-housemate & lover, Emmanuel,  at night that she doesn’t want to look for him when she wakes up in the morning.


Liquorose Emmanuel

Rose and Emma were cuddled in each others arms on the bed as they discussed, Emmanuel was singing, when he finished, Liquorose told him never to play a disappearing prank on her like the way Nini played on Saga yesterday.


She said:

“I don’t want to wake up tomorrow morning and start looking for you in this house”.



In other news, Ex-housemate of Ultimate love reality show, Dr. Cherry has criticised the Emmarose ship.


According to her ,Emmanuel is faking his love for Liquorose, same way her ex, Michael who was her co-housemate then faked his love for her.


Dr Cherry


Cherry tweeted:

“Ok!Sorry to say this,Dear #EmmaRose shippers, as someone that have been in a relationship where a guy faked feelings for me to trick fans🤦I jst took time to notice #Emmanuel is faking his feelings for #Liquorose pretty sure he has a gf out here😏cos mine did #BBNaijaShineYaEyes”




As expected, fans and Emmarose shippers dragged her for the tweet. Read few comments below:



Girl you didn’t have fans to begin with…you cal yourself a DR but you just won’t use sense. Clout chasing is your thing I did it with Tacha now you’re using Liquorose and Emmanuel??? Abeg getat and stay invisible



@drcherryb didn’t you see her campaigning for liquorose the last time she was up ? I mean Emmanuel supposed girlfriend as you source said look here we don’t need your hot take please


Ehen! I’m back!!! It’s how you all have stupid things to say about people’s relationship! Does Emmanuel look like your loser ex? Or does Liquorose look like you?? You better face your hospital work! Voetsek!! #BBNaija




Omo u really chose to be unfortunate tonight..
Emmanuel is nothing like that Gay ex of urs
Stop projecting ur heartbreak and insecurities to us…u came here when shippers were happy and enjoying u started trouble when they retaliate u cry… Miss face ur stagnant life Pls


Get out u stupid idiot, we know u just want engagement..did u not hear Emmanuel say thats his friend?? Jokes on you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣….everyone wants popularity on top of Emmarose matter, whose the content again??



😂😂😂😂😂cherry blossom! Aowa man stop… is not Emmanuel’s fault that you and your Micheal didn’t work out…. leave emma alone and deal with the insecurities you had about Micheal…. thank you🍒🍒🍒



Who’s this one again? Where were you when we were solving this princess issue? Was your Wi-Fi disconnected? Please crawl back to that hole you came from you are late for the party hanty we are on climax🤣🤣🤣


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Reality TV Star, Mercy Eke Reacts To The Maria Husband Stealing Saga



Big brother naija season 4 winner, Mercy Eke has reacted to the ongoing drama between Maria and Cubana Chiefpriest after he accused her of stealing his sister’s husband. 


Mercy Eke

Mercy was interviewed by popular journalist, Stella Dimokokurkus, after some social media users dragged her into the situation.



Stella Dimokokurkus wrote on her official Instagram page:


It is alleged that big brother season 4 winner Mercy Eke was pimped by Cubana Chief Priest to the man he has accused Big Brother star Maria of stealing from his sister… In this Interview exclusive to SDK Blog, Mercy denies it and set the records straight.

-Mercy there is a viral news concerning Maria, your fellow star from big brother season 6. A blog alleges that you are also dating the Kevin that maria is accused of stealing from the sister of cubana chief priest. What is your involvement in this snatching series?

Mercy – I’m as confused as everyone else and I am telling you now that I
Mercy Chineyenwa Eke have never met this Kevin in my life, I don’t even know what he looks like… Someone has probably added my name in this story to divert attention from the main story but it wont work..


There are allegations also that cubana chief priest pimped you to this Kelvin and probably others. Are you denying this?




Mercy – What! … Cubana chief priest has never introduced or pimped me to any Man.. These are all lies.


Where do you think this story is coming from and why are you somewhat always mentioned on any controversy involving a man?


Mercy – I really don’t know anything about this story. I also don’t understand why I’m the one these blogs always pick on to involve in controversies like this. Maybe because I’m always quiet when they publish these lies from the pit of hell and i ignore them, so they think its OK to continue doing so..



I’m no longer going to be quiet and will pursue it legally from now on if anyone defames my name or adds my name to controversies to tarnish me just to gain traffic…

Are you friends with Maria?

Mercy- We talk. After big brother season 6 when she came out of the house and saw that I supported her, she reached out to me and we are cool…

So in summary, your case is that of person wey siddon em own, stray bullet come hit am?
Mercy – Exactly!

Thank you for the Interview
Mercy – Thank you too, I just wish more Bloggers will reach out to confirm stories the way you have reached out to me to confirm this, there are so many lies out there about me.”

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“Our WIFE”- Watch Lovely Videos & Photos Of Liquorose & Emmanuel’s Mum & Family



The relationship between Reality TV stars, Liquorose and Emmanuel Umoh seem to be waxing stronger every minute.


Yesterday, Liquorose was seen with his mother and other family members. They kept calling her our inlaw.



Watch the VIDEO below:




In another news , a social media user has praised the big brother naija shine ya eye first runner up, Liquorose for pulling so much engagement on her Instagram posts, even more than the winner, Whitemoney.



He tweeted:


Liqourose is pulling the engagement of Davido and Wizkid in her comment section on Instagram. Massive. Liqourose pulls 30k, 34k, 36k on her Instagram comment section, I’m yet to see any Bbnaija housemate in the history that pulls that at once, this year’s winner sef doesn’t pull it except from the post he was de lared winner, she’s a force abeg. I don’t think there’s anybody in the history of Bbnaija that has Liquorose engagement on social media. This is crazzy”







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Actress Lizzy Gold & Ani Amatosero Slam Wathoni After She Accused Nollywood Actresses Of Using Their Bodies To Get Movie Roles



Nollywood actresses, Ani Amatosero, Lizzy Gold and Iheme Nancy have dragged former Bbnaija housemate, Wathoni Anyansi over a statement she made about nollywood actresses.



A fan asked Wathoni:

“Have you considered acting as a profession? Cos you are too beautiful.”


Wathoni replied:

“I have and so many times even…but in this part of the world, your body is what helps you unfortunately.”



Reacting to her statement, actress Ani Amatosero, Lizzy Gold and Iheme Nancy dragged her on Instagram.


Ani Amatosero wrote:


“Wathoni Ayansi, if you like block me I will put your full names since I can’t tag you, e like say you dey m*d, you dey mention? I can’t believe some actors have really not replied her. I just read your post now. I don’t understand you. The movie you came to Asaba to shoot, atleast I met you at my film house, who slept with you on that set before you got the role? You dey whine me ni? And see the kind of picture you post on your wall. What is the difference between your post and the picture you have in your head about actors? What impression are you giving to new actors? Or women who really want this as a career, you that could not carry lines, na big brother dem dey do for nollywood? Who be this sef? Just open mouth waaaaaa….if you reply me I sure say I fit be*t you….me and you nor kuku tall sef.”


Lizzy Gold added:

She’s mentally s*ck for saying that”


Iheme Nancy added:

“It’s not her calling, so she shouldn’t criticize what she doesn’t know”


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