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#bbnaija: Leaked chat between Boma and another married woman (Screenshots)



Screenshots of a conversation between former Big Brother Naija housemate, Boma and a married lady has surfaced on social media.


Boma Bbnaija

In the screenshots making the rounds on social media, the duo hurled heavy insults at each other.

Apparently, the lady slid into Boma’s DM first to mock him. Reacting to this, Boma hurled heavy insults at the lady, while referring to her as the ugliest creature on the planet. He also referred to her as an HIV patient.


The lady also fired back at Boma, mocking him about his affair with married housemate, Tega, and dragging him for going romantic with her.


The chat:


Married woman: Buhahaha GET OUT.


Boma: Piss off with your infectious face.


Married woman: fool, konji hold you na married woman you go F*ck. You nor get relevance.


Boma: Ugliest creature on the planet, do something with your life, HIV patient 


See more in the  screenshots below:



A social media user wrote:

Even married cheating couples dey troll Boma. I love his energy. Remember I’m not supporting cheats”


See reactions from some social media users below:






In an exclusive interview with Pulse, Tega insisted that she and Boma never had sex in the Big Brother house.

Tega Bbnaija


Excerpt from the interview:

What about the scandalous videos? How far did things really got between you two?




“I have seen the videos. Boma has sinuses and beside his bed, there are like tiny packs of tissue papers right. So often, I wake him up to blow his nose. We were kissing. So it is not like we did not kiss, we did. We went in hard but we had boundaries. No sex but we needed something for it to look real.

I also saw videos of when he called me to the executive lounge and I was still trying to take off my night wear. I think I wanted to have a bath when he called me to get dressed fast. When he said that, I just took off my nightwear and wore a jean and a singlet then we went in. The kiss was prompted by us talking about the production crew focused on what we were doing.


Boma Bbnaija

For those saying he fingered me, that never happened. We never crossed the boundary. I am not saying this to defend myself but I own up to everything and admit that I went in too hard.” Tega added.


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“The Only Thing You Can Get From Me Is Tears, You Can’t Break My Spirit “- Angel Smith



Reality TV star, Angel Smith has assured her haters and online trolls that nobody can break her spirit.



Angel Bbnaija


Sharing beautiful new photos, the writer penned a lovely note:


“Pull me, drag me through the motions and I’ll remain whole in my broken pieces, I will cry but my tears will be my safety because it is the only thing you can get from me. The knife you use to cut me I am it’s superior, it can only give me wounds but it can not break my spirit; you can not break that which is already broken and that’s the beauty, in that beauty there lies my victory. You’ll laugh, call me weak and I will not flinch because before you acknowledged my incapabilities my mind did; every time it yelled at me. In the chaos that’s where you’ll find me and although you spit and scream hate it doesn’t matter because before your hate there was mine. .


Angel Bbnaija

“There was mine In all its intensity urging me to be unkind to myself. other demons cannot break me because the biggest demon I’ve had to fight is myself, Cut away; until I’m bits of flesh and bones, until my body becomes a reflection of my soul but that’s all you have, you can’t reach what’s on the inside, so do,it try and break me, my body is a canvass that will one day be left behind and that’s my power.”


Angel Bbnaija


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Maria Husband Stealing Saga: “Tell Them The Truth That You Are No Longer With Kelvin”- Lady Drags Kelvin’s Wife, Onyi As She Reveals More Details



A lady on Instagram identified as Trapselena has dragged Onyi, the wife of Kelvin, the man allegedly dating Maria.


According to her, Kelvin is currently separated from his wife who left him because of incessant cheating, they are pursuing divorce at the moment, and Onyi only used Cubana to drag Maria because she’s the only girlfriend of Kelvin who is famous.


Part of her post reads:

“I  see all of you coming for me, the lady has ended the marriage severally due to Kelvin’s incessant cheating. She got tired of going to different hotels car park in Owerri to fight him as he comes out with different girls. They have no longer been married for a long time. Maria is not their problem, there are several other women.”


See screenshots below:



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Reality TV Star, Mercy Eke Reacts To The Maria Husband Stealing Saga



Big brother naija season 4 winner, Mercy Eke has reacted to the ongoing drama between Maria and Cubana Chiefpriest after he accused her of stealing his sister’s husband. 


Mercy Eke

Mercy was interviewed by popular journalist, Stella Dimokokurkus, after some social media users dragged her into the situation.



Stella Dimokokurkus wrote on her official Instagram page:


It is alleged that big brother season 4 winner Mercy Eke was pimped by Cubana Chief Priest to the man he has accused Big Brother star Maria of stealing from his sister… In this Interview exclusive to SDK Blog, Mercy denies it and set the records straight.

-Mercy there is a viral news concerning Maria, your fellow star from big brother season 6. A blog alleges that you are also dating the Kevin that maria is accused of stealing from the sister of cubana chief priest. What is your involvement in this snatching series?

Mercy – I’m as confused as everyone else and I am telling you now that I
Mercy Chineyenwa Eke have never met this Kevin in my life, I don’t even know what he looks like… Someone has probably added my name in this story to divert attention from the main story but it wont work..


There are allegations also that cubana chief priest pimped you to this Kelvin and probably others. Are you denying this?




Mercy – What! … Cubana chief priest has never introduced or pimped me to any Man.. These are all lies.


Where do you think this story is coming from and why are you somewhat always mentioned on any controversy involving a man?


Mercy – I really don’t know anything about this story. I also don’t understand why I’m the one these blogs always pick on to involve in controversies like this. Maybe because I’m always quiet when they publish these lies from the pit of hell and i ignore them, so they think its OK to continue doing so..



I’m no longer going to be quiet and will pursue it legally from now on if anyone defames my name or adds my name to controversies to tarnish me just to gain traffic…

Are you friends with Maria?

Mercy- We talk. After big brother season 6 when she came out of the house and saw that I supported her, she reached out to me and we are cool…

So in summary, your case is that of person wey siddon em own, stray bullet come hit am?
Mercy – Exactly!

Thank you for the Interview
Mercy – Thank you too, I just wish more Bloggers will reach out to confirm stories the way you have reached out to me to confirm this, there are so many lies out there about me.”

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