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“Open a business if you need money, not your legs” – Reno Omokri to Stingy Women Association



Popular author and social media commenter, Reno Omokri has a message for members of the Stingy Women Association movement.


Reno Omokri stingy women association of Nigeria


In his recent post on Twitter, Reno Omokri adviced them in response to the Stingy Women’s motto where its members are mandated to keep their legs closed to men who are stingy with giving them money.



Reno Omokri likened their behaviour to that of prostitutes.


He advised them that there was no correlation between opening their legs and getting money, other than prostitution and that any girl who subscribes to it whether jokingly or otherwise, has affirmed harlotry.



He tweeted:

“Dear Stingy Women Association,

There is no correlation between opening your legs and getting money, other than prostitution. Any girl who subscribes to that, whether jokingly, or otherwise, is affirming harlotry. If you need money, open a business, not your legs!”




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“I delivered my baby at 17”- Photos of Mother & her Daughter who look like twins go viral



A twitter user @_thisisamina shared photos of a mother and her daughter looking like twins, which has gone viral.


Mother and daughter looking like twins


In the picture, it was very difficult to differentiate between the mother and daughter because they looked the same age.



According to the twitter user who shared the photos, the lady in the photo was pregnant at 17 and delivered of that bouncing baby girl, that has now grown to be an adult.





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“Your current situation is not your final destination” – Young Nigerian Lady says, as she buys a home in America



A  Nigerian lady who works as a Nurse in the United States of America has taken to her social media page to celebrate after she purchased her first house.




According to the lady identified as Nurse Eva, she was able to achieve the feat through hardwork and grace as she didn’t need to live a promiscuous lifestyle to survive.



She wrote:


“I bought my first House at the age of 26 in United State. Brand New house, first to Move in. 2020 construction completed in Nov 2020. No financial assistance, No co-signer, all ME and My God. 4 Bedroom 3bathroom.”


“Few years ago, I couldn’t afford to pay for a 1 bedroom apartment I lived in with my Younger siblings. I was almost evicted by my Landlord, was Always late on my bills and rent. Today AM A LANDLORD OF MY OWN. Am a Home Owner in America Babe”



“Not sure who needs to hear this… Don’t limit yourself, keep working, keep going, one day everything will work itself out. Your Current Situation is not your final destination”

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Man allegedly butchers his babymama over food in Imo State (Graphic Photos)



A 27-year-old businessman identified as Emmanuel Chukwuma Igwe, has been accused of hacking his baby mama, Porcia Achonu, with a cutlass, in Owerri, Imo State.


Man butchers girlfriend in imo state



Porcia, who is a mother-of-two, was attacked on Saturday, January 2, at about 1am, shortly after returning from a trip to the village.



It’s reported that Chukwuma’s younger sister served him food but didn’t serve the mother of his children.  Porcia then went after his younger sister and took a piece of chicken from her but the younger woman grabbed it back.




This then caused a fight between both women and the baby daddy came in and allegedly beat Porcia up. Chukwuma’s father is said to have heard the commotion and came out to investigate and douse the tension.


Reports claim Porcia was locked inside the house afterwards so she wouldn’t go anywhere and even when her brother came, he was denied entry.



Moments later, Chukwuma reportedly went to his car and brought out a cutlass with which he hacked his children’s mother, allegedly in the presence of his father.


He is said to have entered his car and drove off after Porcia played dead to put an end to the attack on her.




Chukwuma is reportedly on the run while his father has been arrested.

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