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“I’m happy even without marriage, children” –Don Jazzy (Interview)



Music producer, Michael Ajereh , aka Don Jazzy , who turned 38 few days ago had a party organised for him and his father, who shares same birthday with him.
Don jazzy
The music star told CHIJEKWU MICHAEL about the highlights of his career and life. According to him, even without a wife and child, he still feels fulfilled.
Don Jazzy
One Would Have Thought You Would Celebrate Your Birthday With Your Celebrity Friends. Why Didn ’ T You Do That?
Many of my celebrity friends including , P -Square and Davido , have called me to ask where the party is happening . However, I don ’ t usually celebrate my birthdays . But VBank , which signed me as a brand ambassador, came up with an initiative to celebrate me and I said it would be fine to spend time with them and some of my fans. My dad is also around and we share the same birthday , so it was nice hanging out with them all .
What Are The Most Profound Lessons You Have Learnt Over The Years ?
I have learnt a lot and it may not be so easy to single some out now . I have always been a patient person and I believe in striking when the time is right . That has always worked for me . Also, all the things that have happened in my life make me believe that ‘a good name is better than silver or gold ’ .
The person that came up with that saying definitely knew what they were saying . I have maintained a good name and brand , and that has always worked for me . If everybody could be like that , it would be a great world.
Do You Feel Fulfilled?
Pretty much , yes. I am doing well and I have a beautiful business. My family is healthy and comfortable . I know a lot of people would say because I am not married and don’ t have children , that means I am not happy. But, I am very happy ( laughs) . I am not missing anything.
Perhaps , in the future , I would start missing little children but for now , I am actually fine. I feel fulfilled and grateful . I thank God.
Producers are not as recognised and celebrated as music artistes . How does that make you feel ?
I think they should be celebrated more . I will credit my success to some tactics , a little luck and most importantly , God ’s grace . However, in recent times , producers have started getting more recognition for their work . But for the set before me , it wasn’ t always great .
With the rise of Internet streaming, I hope that things get better for producers . I am very privileged and lucky , and I thank God but I know things can be better .
What Artiste Have You Not Worked With But Would Like To ?
Maybe some of the new guys in the industry that would want to work with me . I am old , so my sound could be very old and some of them might not feel like they need the older sound .
However, I am here for anyone that wants to work with me .
Are you planning on signing any new act ?
I love grooming artistes so I have my eyes on a lot of people in this new generation and the one that is coming. But, I’ m definitely not going to tell you who they are . I always wait for the perfect time before I making my moves.
I was supposed to sign two or three artistes this year but the COVID -19 pandemic slowed things down , so watch out for them next year .
You Seem To Like Free -flowing Robes . What Influences That Fashion Choice?
Absolutely nothing . I go for anything that is available . Different fashion designers that want to work with me give me clothes to wear or I buy them . I am not a fashionista; I don’ t know anything about fashion .
I wear anything that looks good on me . However, I prefer clothes that don’ t show my ‘boobs ’.
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“I will be dedicating more time to acting this year”- Khafi says as she releases a snippet of her short film



Khafilat Kareem, BBN TV star, has released a snippet of her short film which she recently featured in, as an actor.


Khafi stated that acting is her first love, and she will be dedicating more time to acting this year.


Khafi’s words:


 “Hit me all you want, but don’t you dare say bad words before God…” My first love, my first passion, my first role. Re introducing Khafi the Actress (yes I prefer the female term).

This year I’ll be dedicating a lot more time to my acting and I’ll be filming monologues more regularly 🙌🏾. But first here’s a snippet from my @upshotreels that I filmed with @sebastianthiel (highly recommend them!!).

The beauty of acting is that you can be anyone, from this snippet what do you think this monologue is about?





Khafi is currently into music, Radio presenting and acting.



Few weeks ago, Khafi addressed the issue of being pregnant. The reality TV star has been tagged “pregnant” by fans for months now because of her big tummy.


Reacting to this Khafi said clearly that she isn’t pregnant, she only has a big tummy. She also warned her followers to drop the discussion.


“The way I’m looking at the next person who drops a pregnancy comment on my post. Continue reading if you don’t want to get BLOCKED. (I’m not joking).

I’ve ignored them for the longest now but according to the womb watchers on social media I have been pregnant for over a YEAR. So let me get this off my heart. Some people have flat stomachs naturally and some people have big stomachs naturally. The latter is ME. And when I’m on my period it is even BIGGER. I don’t owe anyone a flat stomach but still I try to suck in my belly in every single picture and sometimes I do it better than others. The worst is that even when I’m proud of my ‘sucking in skills’ on a particular picture there is always SOMEONE who still comments something about pregnancy. This is a habit that HAS TO STOP.”



“First of all, women are more than baby making machines. A woman’s fertility or decision to start a family is for her to decide, not for you to comment on in every single picture… Must our stomachs always be the first thing you look at??

Secondly, I’m not just speaking up for myself but for women in general. You may mean well when making pregnancy remarks but it is not always a compliment. For women who have had miscarriages, have been trying unsuccessfully for a baby, or simply conscious about their weight it can be very distressing, triggering and also puts a lot of undue pressure on them. So unless someone has announced a pregnancy or told you then please be nice and DONT COMMENT OR CONGRATULATE them on one.

Trust me when the time is right I welcome pregnancy (twins please Lord!
) and starting a family at God’s time. But until I’ve said I’m expecting please stop with the pregnancy comments. I’ll have no patience for them anymore and any one who writes such comments will get BLOCKED.”



“To those who mean well, thank you so much, I do love you all
But to the amebos please be amebos elsewhere
. It’s pressure enough being a woman, so let’s not add to it. Happy Sunday”




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Mercy Eke Finally Reveals The Secret Of Her Success



Bbnaija “Pepper Dem” Edition winner, Mercy Eke aka Lambo has revealed to her followers the secret of her success.




According to Mercy, her success secret is God, Hardwork and her fans “Mercenaries”.


Mercy Eke


Mercy recently lashed out at fans of her colleagues, Tacha and Nengi. The brand influencer wrote:



“I don’t even tag my IG friends here and my snap fam are not from bbn. Like why do i press y’all so hard like this… 1 million years to come . I’m still that fucking rich bitch y’all wish your collective favourites will be in 10 million years to come, no cap”


“Friendship is not by force, I’m not sharing money na. What’s this desperados thing naaa? I know say na me dey give una life…..lambo with star power, lambo the star maker, lambo the prototype, without lambo their nothing is selling”


“I can hardly remember this forgotten dingbat. Can i enjoy my new year in peace? Y’all are still nothing, bunch of wannabes, there can only be one Mercy Eke and thats me, the person you wish you or your favourite can be”




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“People don’t believe i work hard”- Kiddwaya reveals the challenges he faces being a billionaire’s son



Big Brother Naija star and Billionaire son, Terseer Waya popularly known as Kiddwaya, as revealed some of the challenges he faces daily, because he’s from a wealthy home.



In an interview with BBC Pidgin, he opened up on some of these challenges.


Kiddwaya advised Nigerians to desist from the notion that because a wealthy person gives a piece of advice, they are looking down on others.






His words:


“I feel like people completely misinterpreted what I meant. I feel like, in this country, a son or a daughter from a wealthy background cannot have an opinion, cannot talk, cannot eat, cannot sleep, cannot think. They are not allowed to do anything. What I was simply trying to say is hard work gets you far. It is simply for motivational purpose.”



“What I face on a regular is that people don’t believe I work hard because they feel like ‘oh, it’s your dad’s connection, your dad gave it to you’. They have this misconception that everyone from a privileged background gets things handed to them easily. And to be fair, that’s not the case.”




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