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Sister-in-law reveals How Fani-Kayode beat his wife during pregnancy & assaulted her for 6 years



Sister to Precious Chikwendu, estranged wife of Femi Fani-Kayode, politician and ex-Nigerian Minister of Aviation, has said that domestic violence collapsed their marriage.


How fani kayode beat his wife

Fani-Kayode’s former sister-in-law said he serially abused Precious while concealing his behaviour by inducing two family members, who consistently cajoled her to remain in the abusive marriage for many years.

Fani kayode

She wrote on facebook:

It is disheartening when people you look up to and who should have your back turn against you because of monetary gain. I have kept silent on this issue but it is time we took a stand.

Rev Okey Onyemachi and Joy Onyemachi, you both cannot deny knowing my husband’s sister beats her!

Aunty Joy Onyemachi, you have witnessed him beating her several times especially during pregnancy. I have had discussions with both of you several times about leaving that marriage before he kills her, but you both said she has to stay on that it makes no sense leaving him without anything after giving him sons.

When my mom was still here, the excuse of her staying on was that he was paying her medical bills which he actually was. But I had a problem with giving God’s place to heal, to man and I never hid it. After everything, my mom passed. With her passing the new excuse was that she stays for the children.

You Insisted you guys were handling the domestic violence situation with her husband and that you were also living it in prayers. Little did we know that you were both taking a stand before us and sucking up to an abuser behind our backs.

The abuse never stopped and thanks to you both, there was added strain between we her siblings and her because you somehow portrayed us as enemies. And she bought your stand unfortunately because she wanted to keep her home.

Yes the incident with the knife occurred, but the truth you purposely ignored is that she picked that knife to protect herself from being beaten again and you both know it!

“Furthermore unclear Okey, (I use the word uncle/aunt lightly because you, in my opinion, don’t deserve it, but I’ll rather use it to call you the Reverend or pastor cos your actions are a let down to that title), you were not there when the knife incident happened so it amazes me how you have this detailed false description of what happened that day.

Now to obvious facts, Even if Precious had a mental breakdown like you claim, who wouldn’t? Considering what she had gone through in that house for almost six years.

A house she had no say in, a house where she was constantly humiliated before staff and sometimes visitors. A house where one who calls himself a husband will call and pay fake pastors to be giving fake prophecies against his wife, one which is that she has spiritual problems and she is only giving because she’s under his spiritual covering, that the day she leaves his covering she will die. You are very aware of this!”


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“Allow peace to reign by leaving the streets” – Kiddwaya’s dad Terry Waya tells #EndSARS protesters



Terry Waya, Billionaire Father of bbnaija reality star, Kiddwaya has advised #EndSars Protesters to leave the streets and allow peace reign.

Terry Waya

The billionaire advised #EndSARs protesters to stay off the streets and allow the government do what they have promised.

Terry Waya wrote:

“My fellow protesters and supporters am fully with you in this battle to end not only SARS but all forms of brutality and oppression whether military or government, we have made our feelings and case known, we have spoken with one voice but let us allow peace to reign by leaving the streets and allow the government implement what they have promised to do, God bless all of us”


Meanwhile his son, Kiddwaya recently tweeted:



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Breaking: Curfew declared as Thugs free prisoners from Prisons in Benin Edo state



There is currently a chaos in Benin City, the Edo State capital as Thugs attacked a prison along Sapele Road to set free prisoners.

Curfew in Edo State as prisoners are set free

As shown in viral video, the thugs unleashed terror on prison officials to free inmates. Some videos show the prisoners escaping through the fence while other videos show escaped prisoners changing outfits.


A Twitter user wrote:

In as much as I’m proud to be a Benin descendants, on dis ground I’m ashamed of my people! Why turn a “peaceful protest” into a riot? Now they’ve started to prisoners!! Dis level of stupidity and illiteracy too much! Two police stations are down already


The Edo State Government has currently declared a 24 hour curfew beginning from 4pm today till further notice.


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Bishop Oyedepo Breaks Silence Over #EndSars Protest



General Overseer of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has finally broken his silence over the #EndSars protest currently on-going.

Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo while speaking to his congregation today,  spoke in support of the on going ENDSARS protest going on across the country.

He openly expressed his anger and dissatisfaction at the Nigerian government, saying it will be a sacrilege to shoot the protesters as everyone have a legitimate right to protest.

“If they were killed when they were youths, would they be where they are today?” he said.



A Twitter shared the video, with caption:

Bishop Oyedepo just spoke in support of the on going ENDSARS protest going on across the nation of Nigeria. He openly expressed his anger and dissatisfaction at the Nigerian government as usual. Love this man



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