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Dealing with Irreversible Mistakes – Bishop Chris E Kwakpovwe



Bishop chris E Kwakpovwe

Renowned publisher of “Our Daily manna” devotional , Bishop Chris E Kwakpovwe preached the message “Dealing with irreversible mistakes” on the 10th of May, 2020.


The bishop emphasized on the fact that people should let go of their past mistakes and focus on creating a better future.

Bishop chris E Kwakpovwe


His Words:

1). We can’t go back to start things in the past afresh but we can start certain things now and end them beautifully.

2). Our life is a story being written. Look at your life as a book with many chapters. Some chapters are bitter, some are sad while others are happy, but the last chapter of your life can be glorious.

3). Mistakes should not be made deliberately, but when it occurs, stop regretting or condemning yourself. We are all prone to errors. 2 Corinthians 4:7, we are earthen vessels.

4). There are 2 kinds of mistake. Reversible mistake and irreversible mistake.



Some irreversible mistakes we can find by great men in the bible:

• Abrahan hurriedly got his son, Ishmael years before Isaac (The promised child) was born. Hurry leads to sorry.
• King David killed Uriah just to marry Bathsheba his wife. (Women should dress decently, while men should have control over their eyes).
• Peter denied Christ three times. He was great but an earthen vessel.
• In 1 Kings 17:18 – 24, the young prophet made an irreversible mistake by listening to the old prophet. A lion devoured him.
• In 2nd Samuel 6: 6- 7, Uzziah died as a result of touching the ark of God.


5). Do not be afraid. In Job chapter 2 vs 25, the bible recorded that what Job feared greatly, came upon him.


God gave satan permission to attack Job because He wanted Job to overcome fear. Fear becomes your God when you are always afraid. Whatever you fear must be confronted and conquered. Your treasure is in the cave you fear to enter.


6). Delay is a mistake. I once delayed in paying my tithe to God which resulted in a loss because i was duped by some fraudsters of the same amount.

Bishop chris E Kwakpovwe

Bishop Chris also made mention of a medical mistake that occured in 1956. A drug called Thalidomide was used in Germany for Respiratory tracts infections. Clinical trials were not carried out on children, only on adult male and female. This resulted in a deformity found in 15,000 children.


In order for us to grow spiritually, we have to do the following:

• Do not tolerate fear, it is a mistake that must be confronted and conquered.
• Be patient. Wait for the promises of God. Hurry can lead to sorry.
• Never delay in obeying God. It can become a mistake.
• Avoid making mistakes. Whenever it happens, do not spend time in regrets, ask God for forgiveness, move on and create a better future. The last chapter of your life shall be glorious.

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Bishop chris E. Kwakpovwe



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