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Covid-19:Tokyo 2020 Olympic has been postponed



The Tokyo 2020 Olympic that was scheduled to begin on April 24 has been postponed to 2021 summer due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed that the tournament will still be called Tokyo 2020 despite it being held in 2021, and the Paralympics has also been moved to 2021.

Covid-19 coronavirus Tokyo 2020 olympics postponed

The organisers of the Tokyo 2020 olympics and IOC has released a joint statement: “The unprecedented and unpredictable spread of the outbreak has seen the situation in the rest of the world deteriorating.
“On Monday, the director general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that the COVID-19 pandemic is ‘accelerating’.


There are more than 375,000 cases now recorded worldwide and in nearly every country, and their number is growing by the hour.
“In the present circumstances and based on the information provided by the WHO today (Tuesday), the IOC president and the prime minister of Japan have concluded that the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo must be rescheduled to a date beyond 2020 but not later than summer 2021, to safeguard the health of the athletes, everybody involved in the Olympic Games and the international community.”

“The leaders agreed that the Olympic Games in Tokyo could stand as a beacon of hope to the world during these troubled times and that the Olympic flame could become the light at the end of the tunnel in which the world finds itself at present.
“Therefore, it was agreed that the Olympic flame will stay in Japan. It was also agreed that the Games will keep the name Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.”

This will be the first time the Olympic games will be postponed to a later date, although, it has been cancelled on several occasions.



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Ajax midfielder out of coma after 2 years



Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri has woken up from coma after two years and nine months. Nouri suffered permanent brain damage during a preseason game between Ajax and Werder Bremen in 2017.

Ajax midfielder comes out of coma after 2 years

Abdelhak Nouri’s family however has given an update that the midfielder is currently being treated at home since waking up from coma.


The 22-year-old suffered a cardiac arrhythmia attack during the match and he was forced into a medically induced coma in an attempt to stabilise him in hospital.

Abdelhak’s brother Abderrahim provided an update during a special edition of Dutch TV show “De Wereld Draait Door” that the Ajax midfielder has  returned home and he’s partially able to communicate with others, watch TV and also express his emotion.


“He has not been home very long, we take care of him there now,” Abderrahim said. “I must say that since he is at home it is going much better than before in the hospital.
“He is aware of where he is, he is back in a familiar environment with his family. He’s no longer in a coma. He’s just awake.
“He sleeps, he sneezes, he eats, he burps, but it’s not like he gets out of bed. He’s very bedridden and still very dependent on us.
“On his good days, there is a form of communication, for example, confirmation with his eyebrows or a smile. But you notice that he can’t last that very long.
“We talk to him like he’s not sick. We take him into our conversations and we watch football with him in the living room, for example.
“Then he watches. You notice that he likes that very much. He often shows emotions. Sometimes he is emotional, but often there is also a smile.
“That does us good. That makes you really appreciate a smile.”




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Juventus forward, Paulo Dybala tests positive for coronavirus



Juventus forward Paulo Dybala has tested positive for coronavirus. The Argentine confirmed on Twitter that he and his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini have both tested positive and are in isolation.

Paulo Dybala had earlier said he was all clear after coming in contact with two of his teammates, Blaise Matuidi and Daniele Rugani who both tested positive.

Paulo dybala juventus

On a post on Twitter, the Juventus forward updated his fans on his current condition:

“Hello everyone, I wanted to inform you that we have just received the results of the Covid-19 test and both Oriana and I tested positive. Fortunately we are in perfect condition. Thanks for your messages and greetings to all.”

Juventus have also released a statement confirming the results of the test: ”Paulo Dybala has undergone medical tests that revealed a positive result for Coronavirus-COVID19. He has been in voluntary home isolation since Wednesday 11 March.

“He will continue to be monitored, following the usual regime. He is well and is asymptomatic.”




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Coronavirus: Manchester United and local rivals



Manchester City have donated a combined £100K to food banks.
Manchester United and neighbours Manchester have joined forces to donate the sum of £100,000 to local food banks in a response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Each club is to donate £50,000 to Trusell Trust’s 19 food bank centres in the Greater Manchester in a bid to support vulnerable communities affected by the virus.


Normally, fan groups collect items for the food bank outside Old Trafford and the Etihad stadium during match days but this has been halted due to the suspension of the Premier League so but clubs deemed it appropriate to support affected communities around them.

Manchester united

Both Manchester clubs released a joint statement after this charity act:

“We are proud of the role our supporters play in helping local food banks and recognise the increased strain likely to be placed on these charities by the impact of coronavirus.
“At a time of challenge for our community, we are pleased to come together with our fans to help vulnerable members of society in a City United.”

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